James Corden

“I’ve never had so much fun in my life working out. It’s a bunch of jumping jacks and plyometrics, and then you throw in a sexy body roll. It’s the absolute best!”

Nicole Steen – PlyoJam Instructor

I became a certified PlyoJam instructor because I wanted to provide my students with the most effective way to burn as many calories as possible in 1 hour. As a member of the fitness industry for the last 10yrs, I always pride myself in bringing my students the ultimate cardio workout. With PlyoJam, I am able to take my love of dance and fitness to the highest level and give my class the best heart-pumping workout around.

Christina Duerr

After taking Plyojam classes for 2 years, I can truly say Jason has created the first workout class that is full of high energy, fun, and sexy dancing while also incorporating the right amount challenging Plyometic and fitness movements.  I look forward to each and every Plyojam class I take, and am always amazed at how many calories I can burn in 1 hour!  Plyojam is filled with people of all different ages and experience levels, but the class brings us all together, making it feel like one big family. It doesn’t matter if you are not great at dancing or doing plyometric movements, the class will get your body moving, make you sweat, burns hundreds of calories, and most importantly keep you healthy and happy!

Stacey K. Beaman

Hot!  Sexy!  Results oriented!  Jason has created the most amazing and intense workout.  I am a Plyojammer for life. I have tried so many workouts that didn’t stick.  PlyoJam is different.  It is an intense workout, but somehow it feels like a party!  You get to get funky, sexy, sweaty and burn calories the entire time!

Kelly Hu, Actor

I took some dance as a kid, but by no means would I call myself a dancer, but these moves are easy to follow and so much fun!  Every class is such an intense cardio work out, I can’t think of a better way to shred calories while having a great time doing it.