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This self guided program will take you through the instructor manual, videos, quizzes and will encourage an optional audition video submission. You are eligible to begin teaching PlyoJam as long as your annual backstage pass membership stays current. You may also use the home study program to apply the PlyoJam methodology to your own dance fitness format.

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3 things you need to know about becoming a dance fitness professional

We’ve been teaching dance fitness for a combined ten years and we’ve taught thousands of students. We recognize that spark in a person when they have a deep love for fitness, dance and inspiring others. Why? Because we have it ourselves and we understand that CALLING that just won’t go away. If we were gamblers, here’s what we would bet about YOU.

3 Things You Need To Know About Becoming A Dance Fitness Professional - free guide

PlyoJam Training FAQs

You do not HAVE to teach PlyoJam. You can apply the PlyoJam methodology to your own routines/choreography/dance classes. It is designed to teach you how to level up your own choreography.

We require a 48 hour cancellation in order to refund your training fee.  Please contact us ASAP at support@plyojam.com if you need to cancel your training. 

Unfortunately, home study registrations are non-refundable.  The moment you sign up for the home study, you gain access to private information regarding our brand’s science, format and ethos. Thank you for understanding.

Great question! You do not have to be a professionally trained dancer to be a PlyoJam instructor!  However, it is important that you have great rhythm and musicality, some understanding of music theory, particularly 8-counts, an ability to learn and memorize choreography, stay on beat and execute mid level dance combinations!

It is also important that you feel comfortable in front of groups and have leadership skills that will enable you to inspire and motivate.  Often times, becoming an instructor can help shine a spotlight on these fantastic character traits that you possess.

IN PERSON TRAINING – An in person training is taught by a Master trainer or PlyoJam founder at a gym or studio. You will be eligible for 8 AAFA and .8 NASM CECs through this program. You will reap the benefits of working with a Master Trainer, asking questions and connecting with your trainer and other trainees.

HOME STUDY PROGRAM – This program was created for those who don’t have a live training scheduled nearby, have a tricky schedule or are anxious to get started immediately. The Home Study program is done entirely from home on your own time, without a Master Trainer guiding you. You will be eligible for 5 AAFA and .5 NASM CECs through this program. There are a series of videos and quizzes that are included in the home study program, as well as an optional video submission.

The Backstage Pass is an annual membership that gives you access to over 400 PlyoJam routines, marketing materials, and more.

By maintaining your membership to the Backstage pass portal, the license allows the licensee (the instructor) to teach in person PlyoJam classes, pop-ups, demos, festivals, etc. 

Licensees (the instructor), or the venue (gyms, studios, rec centers, etc) at which you work, may NOT film and record PlyoJam classes with the intent to sell access to online/digital PlyoJam courses on any kind of platform.

Licensees (the instructor) may teach LIVE virtual classes via Zoom, Instagram Live, or other Live streaming platforms.  Again, these workouts may not be recorded and used for later use as part of a paid membership. 

A membership to the Backstage Pass membership is required to teach PlyoJam.  This membership keeps instructors up to date on new choreography, best practices, safety, education and more.

You can, however, apply the PlyoJam methodology to your own dance fitness format without the Backstage Pass.

You may cancel your membership at anytime and the NEXT annual licensing fee will not be charged.  However you may not be refunded for a licensing fee that was just charged. Upon membership cancellation, you will lose immediate access to the PlyoJam instructor portal. We suggest you cancel close to the date of your renewal so you maintain access as long as possible.

When you feel confident with the choreography and feel ready to teach, start approaching gyms, studios and rec centers in your area to get a class started!  You will likely have to audition or even offer to teach a free demo class. Or you can even rent a studio and teach a class to your friends and family for practice. Reach out via email or just walk in! If you need help with approaching locations, let the PlyoJam team know. We might have connections or ideas in your area.

Payment depends on the facility at which you work. Gyms usually pay a flat rate. Anywhere between $15 to $40 an hour. Boutique fitness studios will typically pay $3 to $6 dollars per head. PlyoJam does NOT take any cut of your pay. The only thing you pay us is your Backstage Pass monthly membership fee.

We understand things come up which sometimes force instructors to pause their instructor memberships. In order to avoid paying the up front training fee, you must rejoin our membership within 12 months of pausing. Past 12 months, you will have to start over with the training process. 

No!  PlyoJam does not charge gyms or studios to carry PlyoJam classes.  The only payment to PlyoJam is the instructor training fee and monthly Backstage Pass fee!