5 Online Dance Fitness Workouts (30 minutes or less!)

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PlyoJam instructors working out in group

Our dance instructors love creating new virtual dance fitness videos on our YouTube channel for every person to enjoy. YouTube is free and accessible, making working out at home easy! If you are new to dance fitness we suggest alternating between 3-5 different online routines to begin with. That way, you can become familiar with the structure of each video and can plan your workouts well in advance. Dance fitness is so fun and our YouTube channel is a great place to start!

Even if you are familiar with our PlyoJam routines, it can be helpful to find new videos to workout to. From heart-pumping warm-ups to strength training, we are sharing 5 of our favorite virtual dance fitness videos for you to exercise with. Even better, all of these can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Ready to dance? Let’s jump in!

PlyoJam instructors working out in group

3 Minute Warm-Up

Every workout should begin with a quick warm-up! We are all about combining dance into every workout routine. If you are preparing for your daily run or yoga class, kickstart your day by getting your heart rate up with this fun warm-up. You may even choose to complete this video on its own during busier days. Put your headphones in and get lost in the music!

10 Minute Hip-Hop Workout

If you love hip-hop, we have the perfect workout for you! This 10-minute routine follows your favorite music while increasing endorphins. We offer different variations for each fitness level so every person can enjoy this dance workout.

This is a great cardio option that you can complete within your own home. Tip from our fitness instructors: Write down the title of each YouTube video you plan to workout to every week in your fitness journal. Then, you can easily click to your workout and have fun.

20 Minute Strength Workout

While we are fans of cardio here at PlyoJam, focusing on strength training is just as important. You can work your muscles while dancing! If you are looking to switch up your traditional weight training routine, we think you will love this dance option. Grab some weights for this fitness video or you can opt-out of any equipment. From arms to core, we have you covered!

20 Minute Full Body Workout

While every dance workout incorporates the full-body, this is a great beginner video. If you are new to dance fitness, get started with this routine! Don’t put too much pressure on completing the full video from start to finish at first. Work your way up as you move forward with your fitness journey.

30 Minute Dance Workout

If dance fitness is apart of your regular routine or maybe you are even a PlyoJam member, this 30-minute workout is a blast! For days where you want to increase your workout time, check out this video. This is also a wonderful option to exercise with friends. Schedule a time to workout virtually or invite a group over to start dancing. Working out with a group is such a positive experience, so be sure to share this routine with your dance fitness community.

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