5 Reasons to Workout With Dance Fitness

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Dance fitness group jumping

If you are searching for a fun and effective new workout to incorporate into your fitness routine, start dancing! Dance fitness is a great option for every person. Plus, this is a trend that is here to stay so it is worth a try. You will be surprised how quickly dance becomes apart of your regular exercise. Whether you are looking to switch up your routine or begin a completely new workout program, utilize this option and transform your home exercises. So why exactly should you work out with dance fitness? Let’s dive in!

Dance fitness group jumping

1. Inclusivity

Plyometric dance is inclusive for any person. Regardless of age, size, and fitness level, our PlyoJam team wants every person to feel worthy and welcome to the fitness space. Our goal is to empower every body while dancing!  It is a  joy to see a variety of different people enjoying the same workout and having fun. Any person will leave their dance fitness class feeling invigorated and a renewed sense of confidence! Gain access to our weekly classes and find your workout program with us by joining our community. Begin with the free 7-day trial to start dancing!

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2. Workout at Home

Dancing workouts are an effective exercise to complete from the comfort of your own home. Often, at-home workouts can leave individuals feeling bored and alone due to the lack of versatility. Whether you want to workout with a live virtual class or follow a Youtube video, dance fitness offers a major variety of options. The fitness space has experienced a major shift to home workouts and dance is an option that will continue to motivate you! From new moves and online content to trending music, dancing while working out will transform your at-home experience.

3. Increase Fitness

While dance is certainly a fun workout, it also increases your fitness. The easy-to-follow routines are surprisingly intense! Your heart rate will go up and you will end every workout feeling challenged. With consistency, dance fitness can improve your stamina and strength. Every workout focuses on the full-body, elevating your workout routine. Each dance routine is created so working out never feels like a chore. You will actually want to complete these sweaty exercises because they are so fun!

4. Improve Mental Health

Mental and physical health go hand in hand. Dance fitness can lower stress and relieve daily anxiety. Take time for yourself with dance workouts by listening to your favorite music. Retreat to a calming space to complete each routine. The boost of endorphins and encouragement from your dance fitness instructors are a great way to rejuvenate your spirit. Sometimes, it can be easy to become discouraged with workouts due to a lack of positivity. Our dance workouts are high energy and created to be a safe space to get fit.

5. Motivation

When the pressure of traditional workouts is removed, you will find that your motivation increases. With new friends in the dance fitness community you are more likely to stay accountable and workout. Our new PlyoJam app offers 24/7 online videos to easily start exercising. With virtual accessibility, you can open the app and start dancing anytime. Knowing that you are dancing to stay healthy and positive is a major source of motivation.

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Stacey Beaman is the co-founder and COO of PlyoJam. She is also on the lead choreography team and teaches in Westlake Village, California. You can register for Stacey's classes through the free SweatNow app. You can also email her at stacey@plyojam.com wtih any questions. Her current schedule is: Tuesdays 7pm Saturdays 9am RockIt Dance Studio in Westlake Village