How to Start a Fitness Journal

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So, you are excited to begin your new dance fitness routine! If you are a person that loves planning out your weeks and staying organized, why not start a fitness journal? Even if this doesn’t sound like you, it is a great way to express your thoughts and take time for yourself while writing each week.Open journal and coffeeYou can make a fitness journal as detailed or general as you like. Anything that makes fitness fun and enjoyable for you, do it! So how exactly do you start a fitness journal? We are sharing our ideas so you can start writing today!

Find a Place to Write

This may sound obvious, but finding the right place to write your fitness thoughts, plans and goals is important. Do you prefer to write in a physical journal or keep things paperless? You can create a document on your phone or laptop if you prefer. If you love the idea of writing in a notebook, find one that matches your personal style! You might choose something that includes a calendar for easily planning your daily routines. No matter what you select, make sure it is easily accessible for you and is something you are excited about!

Plan Out Your Routine

Whether you want to go through and choose specific online workouts from YouTube, or decide on your at-home workout the day of, there is still room to plan out your routine. You can include a list and the name of the routines you will choose to follow each day in your journal. That way there is no stress when it is time to workout! Or you can provide a bit more of a relaxed schedule and simply note the type of dance fitness you would like to focus on that week. Maybe one week you prefer high-intensity cardio and another you would like to strength train more. Even if you are apart of our fitness membership, you can note the online classes available each week to keep track! Knowing your schedule in advance takes the stress off of your daily workout so you can focus and enjoy it!Join PlyoJam 7 day free trial here

Journal for a Healthy Mindset

We believe being healthy physically and mentally is extremely vital. A fitness journal offers the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings while following an exercise routine. Note how your mindset changes and be positive with yourself. You might choose to write and read out loud a daily affirmation. Don’t worry about how much or how long you write! There are many online prompts available to keep things interesting.

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Write Down Your Goals

Having specific goals to work towards will be a source of motivation to keep journaling. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself with these goals. Remember, fitness should never¬†be a negative experience. Instead of a weight goal or a certain ‘look’ make your goals focused on what is best for you personally. Maybe you want to see your anxiety levels lower with dance fitness or you want to make a goal to start working out 2 times a week. Make your goals attainable and filled with positivity.

Make Journaling Fun!

Fitness journaling is definitely a form of self-care. Designate time in the day to write in your journal. You might order fun pens or cute stickers to personalize the process. Maybe you even start adding photos with your fitness community to add memories. It can even be fun to journal together with a small group virtually or in person! This could be a time to discuss what you have been writing about as well.

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