8 At Home Workout Essentials (that you need!)

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There is nothing quite like working out at home. You avoid the crowds from a traditional gym setting, can listen to music as loud as you want, and are able to get your fitness routine in from the comfort of your own living room! As dance fitness instructors, we have some go-to items to making our at-home workouts even better. If you are ready to refresh your home fitness experience just in time for spring, we have you covered. Let’s go over the best at-home workout essentials!

at home workout equipment

Good Pair of Headphones

We are all about the music here at PlyoJam! You will need a good pair of headphones for your at-home dance fitness routine. Choose a style that is comfortable and won’t fall off during your workout. You might even consider a Bluetooth-compatible option to connect easily to your phone.Woman wearing head phones

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are for any type of at-home workout! You will want your own yoga mat for any ground exercises and stretching to avoid hard surfaces. Of course, if you are a fan of yoga this is a must! There are so many colors and styles available for you to choose from.Various color yoga mats

Fitness Journal

One of the main reasons individuals can get discouraged by their home workouts is a lack of organization. Write down your routines in a fitness journal to keep the process stress-free. This is also a great way to take time for self-care, writing down positive daily affirmations.Fitness Journal with glasses

Set of Dumbells

For those that adore strength training, you might consider adding a pair of dumbells to your at-home workout kit. Choose lightweight options, to begin with. We recommend 3, 5, and 8 lbs to start. After you continue to work out with them, you can add on more weight options.

Woman holding dumbells

Reusable Water Bottle

Gone are the days of plastic water bottles! While you are completing your PlyoJam workout, you will want to keep some water on hand for those cardio sessions. Pick up a reusable water bottle that you can easily grab in between exercises. You won’t have to worry about any spills with this at-home workout essential!Blue reusable water bottle for at home workout

Nutritious Snacks

Pre or post-workout you will probably need to recharge with some nutritious snacks. Be sure to keep your favorite treats on hand for working out at home. You may pre-wash and cut any produce items so they are ready when it is time to workout. If you need some delicious and healthy snack ideas, check out our Pinterest for inspiration!

Assorted healthy snacks for at home fitness

Comfortable Sneakers

Dance fitness often involves jumping and dynamic exercises. You will want to keep your feet comfortable with a pair of sneakers. Plus, wearing an athletic outfit that you love will make working out even more fun! Choose a pair of sneakers that will go with all of your workout wear.

White sneakers for at home workout

Fitness Routine

This home workout essential is a game-changer! You might choose to follow a fitness routine to stay on track with your goals. Our PlyoJam membership includes virtual dance fitness videos and guidance from our instructors so you can have the best at-home workout possible! Even better, you can get started with the membership for free with a 7-day trial!

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