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Why You Need to Listen To Music While You Workout

Dance fitness class smiling while listening to music

Listening to music while working out is the ultimate game-changer. For our PlyoJam routines, you will always catch us playing a fun song. For most workouts, you can listen to music whether you are at home or at the gym. You can put on headphones or play music out loud for your fitness group. So, why exactly should you listen to music while you work out? Today we are sharing all of the reasons to listen to your favorite tunes while getting fit!

Dance fitness class smiling while listening to music

You Will Want to Dance

With the right playlist, you will want to dance! Music will naturally make you want to move which is perfect for working out. This is why we love dance fitness! You enjoy following new routines while listening to the best music. Some songs are made for dancing and we love discovering new music to listen to. You will be impressed with what you can accomplish by working out to the beat of new songs.Group dance fitness class smiling while working out

Passes the Time

Sometimes, it seems like time passes by slower when working out. We have all been there. 1 minute seems to pass by as slow as possible. Especially when you are challenging yourself, and attempting to meet new fitness goals, you will want to avoid staring at the clock. Music will pass by the time! You will probably even want to work out longer. The right music helps you realize how much you can do and frees you from the pressure of time. Always remember that working out is not a chore. If you find you are still waiting for the workout to be over, you may need to switch up your routine.

Blocks Out Distractions

If you choose to work out at home, you will need to avoid distractions. Find a calming space and turn up the volume on your music. Even if you are in a public setting, it can be intimidating when listening to your surroundings. Music can make you feel more comfortable and allow you to focus on your fitness plan. Your time to work out is so important and is a form of self-care! Don’t let outside distractions discourage you.

Source of Motivation

Music is so motivating! You will find you are accomplishing more than you ever thought possible with the perfect playlist. With a group, everyone will often experience a lift in energy. Once we turn on the music in each dance fitness class, we can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction!

By the way, if you love Miley Cyrus’ music, you will want to check out this quick 15-minute workout video:

Creating Your Playlist

If you are ready to create your workout playlist, we have you covered! Our dance fitness instructors will create a personalized playlist just for you. That way, when you are following one of our routines, you will love every. single. song! Plus, you can enjoy a live workout created just for your playlist then replay the video later.

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7 Reasons Dance Fitness is the BEST Way to Get Summer Ready

People are constantly talking about the almighty “summer body.” But EW, who wants to spend hours on a treadmill to attain that bod? Not us! Dance fitness, on the other hand, comes with some pretty sweet perks. Perks…plus a perky booty. What’s not to love?

Here are 7 reasons dance fitness is the BEST way to get summer ready!

1. A compliment from your dance instructor will make your whole day…nay, your entire WEEK!2. Those hip swivels are going to give you abs like a boss…making you bikini ready AND a strong candidate for Hula Hoop Champ 2016.

3. Your Dance Buds Will Become Your BFF’s…because frankly, no one else truly understands the joy of scoring the front row in class.

4.   The utter satisfaction of nailing that combo in the new routine leaves you feeling like a true rockstar…and Linda goes home feeling like JLo.

5.  Body rolls…’nuff said. 

6.  Cuz when there are guys in class, they are REALLLLLLY fun to watch.

7.  Not only will you be ready for da club with all that twerking, but you no longer have to squeeze into those horrific Spanx! Score!