When Losing Turns Into A Gain

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I met Stacey Beaman one day at a pool party and we immediately connected. I knew I had a dancer in the making when our shoulders bobbed simultaneously while “Turn Down For What” played in the background. This is the story of Stacey’s journey to a happy healthier self. And yes, a kick ass dancer!!

In early 2014, Stacey had reached her highest weight. She went to the doctor and learned she had reached pre-diabetic levels and had high blood pressure.

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This scared her and she realized she needed to make changes. Stacey no longer wanted to live this way, in a body that made her feel trapped. She wanted to set herself free. Goodbye donuts, hello rice cakes


Stacey started taking PlyoJam classes in June 2014. SHOCKER….it was HARD!!  Here is a photo of Stacey after her first class, exhausted, sweaty and unsure how she was going to continue.pic 4

She was sore every day for weeks and weeks. I mean, hobbling around as if she was 95.  If it wasn’t for her adorable puppy, Maggie, keeping her company during her daily Epsom salt soak sessions, she may have not been able to persevere.

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Forty classes in eight weeks, and twenty-five pounds lost, Stacey was starting to feel amazing.

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Part of Stacey’s journey to better health and self love was her four month trip to Europe, where she visited nine countries and 18 cities.

stacey in france

Aside from walking everywhere in Europe, Stacey managed to continue her weight loss by finding dance fitness classes in almost every city she visited! She felt like she was cheating on me and PlyoJam, but it had to be done. It didn’t hurt that she found hot spaniards to dance with, CHEATER!!!!!


When Stacey returned to the states, she hit the dance floor hard, dropping another 35 pounds in five months.


Feeling confident and amazing, Stacey began filming videos for PlyoJam AND even teaching her own class! 5th Harmony has nothing on these gals.

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PlyoJam was chosen as a featured workout for a SELF Magazine event in NYC in June 2015. Seventy pounds down and kicking ass, Stacey had the privilege of going to NY and representing PlyoJam. She may have felt lucky, but in fact, the privilege was all mine.


Stacey’s journey was all about weight LOSS, but for me it was a GAIN! Oh, and she has learned that every once in a while it’s ok to splurge on a donut!

About Stacey Beaman

Stacey Beaman is the co-founder and COO of PlyoJam. She is also on the lead choreography team and teaches in Westlake Village, California. You can register for Stacey's classes through the free SweatNow app. You can also email her at stacey@plyojam.com wtih any questions. Her current schedule is: Tuesdays 7pm Saturdays 9am RockIt Dance Studio in Westlake Village