Article written by Espi Juarez from Party of One

If you don’t know what Plyojam is, don’t worry I did not know either. I attended a Plyojam class at Moore Dance Studios in Brentwood for the first time this weekend. Going up the elevator I was initially nervous because I did not know what to expect. The night before I decided to look up what “Plyojam” actually was to prepare myself for the experience.


From what I read I discovered that the class intensity comes from Plyometric-inspired move
ments, a form of jump training that is weaved throughout the routines to maximize calories burned. It also consists of dancing non stop to all of the best pop songs. Jason’s song choices jumped from Missy Elliot’s “Work”, Shawn Mendes’s “Stiches”, to Jlo’s “Booty.” I must say i’ve tried everything from pilates to spinning classes and plyojam was actually one of the most fun workouts I have ever done.



Most workout consist of you constantly looking at the clock, but during plyojam you completely loose track of time. I was focused on each movement and making sure I was doing them correctly while listening to my favorite songs playing I forgot I was actually working it.



But I quickly remembered I was working out because I was sweating non stop. After each song I had to take a quick water break just before the next song and dance routine began. It was also a lot of fun to watch Jason engage with the class because he was constantly moving around to make sure everyone had a good view of him.


The dancreese-witherspoon-southern-lines-16e room was full of dancing ladies including Reese Witherspoon right in front of me. And yes I actually followed her moves at times because I couldn’t get a good view of Jason and Reese had a good grip of the routine. I managed to make a few friends after class who told me they attend Ployojam class religiously and it keeps them feeling young and helps keep them in great shape.

Overall my experience as a first timer at Plyojam was amazing. I wish I could have Jason as my personal instructor because he makes working out so much fun. I never knew squatting and jumping could be that fun and bring out your inner Beyonce.