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PlyoJam Dance Fitness Demo in San Luis Obispo, CA

Picture of a girl performing PlyoJam Dance fitness with the words Train Like An Athlete and Dance Like a Pop Star

Join PlyoJam Instructor and Master Choreographer Christine Hernandez for a FREE PlyoJam dance fitness demo on October 27 at 10am at LuluLemon San Luis Obispo! Just show up and be ready to dance and have fun!

PlyoJam is a format created in Los Angeles that combines easy to follow hip hop style combos with plyometric inspired movements (elevated off the ground).  The workout is set to all your favorite Top 40 and Hip Hop songs and is created for all levels of fitness and dance.

Train like an athlete, dance like a pop star.

PlyoJam dance fitness at Lululemon in San Luis Obispo, California.  Want to know about other PlyoJam events?  Check them out HERE.

840 Monterey St Suite B101, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

7 Reasons Dance Fitness is the BEST Way to Get Summer Ready

People are constantly talking about the almighty “summer body.” But EW, who wants to spend hours on a treadmill to attain that bod? Not us! Dance fitness, on the other hand, comes with some pretty sweet perks. Perks…plus a perky booty. What’s not to love?

Here are 7 reasons dance fitness is the BEST way to get summer ready!

1. A compliment from your dance instructor will make your whole day…nay, your entire WEEK!2. Those hip swivels are going to give you abs like a boss…making you bikini ready AND a strong candidate for Hula Hoop Champ 2016.

3. Your Dance Buds Will Become Your BFF’s…because frankly, no one else truly understands the joy of scoring the front row in class.

4.   The utter satisfaction of nailing that combo in the new routine leaves you feeling like a true rockstar…and Linda goes home feeling like JLo.

5.  Body rolls…’nuff said. 

6.  Cuz when there are guys in class, they are REALLLLLLY fun to watch.

7.  Not only will you be ready for da club with all that twerking, but you no longer have to squeeze into those horrific Spanx! Score!