Well and Good: ‘Reese Witherspoon Loves Plyojam’

POSTED ON September 15th, 2015 By

Well and Good did a great write up on Plyojam, when word got out that Reese Witherspoon (Wild) started taking classes with Jason Layden to burn “more than 600 calories in 60 minutes”.

Writer, Rachel Marlowe, just had to experience this for herself. “I immediately packed my gym bag.” I immediately packed my gym bag

“The class—a heart-pumping hour of booty shaking combined with what seemed like a million 180 jumps, lateral hops, and ski jumps—was a serious cardio session that left my calves on fire. There was no time dedicated specifically to arms or ab work on the floor, but both were constantly engaged. Plus, the routines were easy to pick up, and there were modifications for every move—a good thing, given there were no breaks or changes in tempo.”

Thanks for coming and joining us! We’ll try to get you some face time with Reese 😉

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