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Amber Jewett

Amber Jewett

Amber Susa Jewett is the founder and owner of Allomi, a sanctuary for holistic health and healing in Redondo Beach, where she lives with her children Dawson and Will, and husband Christopher. She is an entrepreneur, business owner, fitness expert, holistic health coach, inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher. Growing up as an actress and dancer, Amber was naturally drawn to creative expression, storytelling and performing. She has spent the last decade in the fitness industry, co-founding HIP Studio, Hermosa Beach, a boutique, high-intensity Pilates & Fitness studio, seven years ago. After becoming a mother to two beautiful children, severe low back pain led her to a meditation practice and spiritual journey that has called her to open Allomi. Amber is dedicated to sharing her experience and to inspiring others to live their best life. It is her desire and intention to elevate the community through movement, meditation and mindfulness.



1612 S. Catalina Avenue, Riviera Village, Redondo Beach, California,
90277, United States,