Huffington Post – “Stacey Beaman Wanted to Take Control of Her Health” and She Did it with PlyoJam

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One of our favorite PlyoJammer’s gave us a shout out when The Huffington Post wanted to talk to her about Healthy Living and how she was able to lose 75 pounds in a life changing story that was published today on Huffington’s Heathy Living section.


I also found a workout that I fell in love with called PlyoJam.[/su_pullquote]In the article Stacey discusses her weight gain, and what triggered her to take control of her health and how she empowered herself to lose nearly a hundred pounds, with more to go.

I also found a workout that I fell in love with called PlyoJam. I had tried so many different fitness programs over the years — bootcamps, treadmills, kickboxing, hot yoga — and nothing stuck. It was so hard at first. I was embarrassed by my lack of conditioning, I was embarrassed to wear workout clothes, I was embarrassed that I couldn’t quite keep up at first. But I kept at it, and I fell in love with it. Last summer I challenged myself to take 40 classes in eight weeks, and I accomplished that goal. Dance fitness has become an integral part of my journey. I think anyone on a weight-loss journey must find a method of fitness that fills their heart with joy.

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I’d like to lose another 30 pounds, and I know I will, but right now I celebrate every single day how far I’ve come.

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