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FREE SAMPLE! Bring LA's hottest dance fitness workout straight to your living room. Just press play, we'll help you with the rest.



No matter where you are in your fitness journey, whether you are just beginning or crushing it on the regular, we've got your back.

Once you become a member we will put you in the beginner, intermediate or advanced level track to meet your fitness needs and goals.

No need to be an amazing dancer! Just a willingness to try our Free Online Dance Workout!

Watch the video for a little taste of what to expect when you try our Free online dance workout sample class!


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Heart Health

This Online dance workout will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing, increasing your cardiovascular health. For many students, the PlyoJam workout improves blood pressure, blood flow and stamina.

Participating in an online dance workout can help you burn calories

Scorch Calories

With the added intensity of plyometric jump training, you are sure to melt away a ton of calories when you PlyoJam 3x per week. Many students burn between 700-900 calories in a 60 minutes PlyoJam workout.

Online dance workout can increase your strength

Increased Strength

The explosive movements of PlyoJam will tone and shape your legs improving strength, balance and agility. With the addition of star jumps, jumping jacks, and lateral hops, your body will begin training like an athlete, while still having fun dancing like a pop star!

An Online dance workout can help you feel sexy

Feel Sexy

Too often we lose touch with our bodies, the way it feels to move and sweat, body roll and hip shake! PlyoJam will infuse sexiness back in your life. And EVERY person deserves to feel sexy and confident even when they are dancing online!

Free-Online-Dance-Workout- community

Global Community

When you join our Online dance workout membership, you automatically join our private global community of PlyoJam members. We have members from 26 countries! It's a wonderful place to share struggles and stories of success.

An Online dance workout is fun

Fitness That's Fun

Recently we sent a survey out to our members and 94% of responders said they love PlyoJam because it's FUN. We were so HAPPY to receive this feedback because we believe you will keep coming back for more if it's FUN. Fitness shouldn't feel like torture.


This Online dance workout is a game changer. I had taken PlyoJam classes in person, but they were hard with my work full-time, single mom schedule. The class made me happy, energetic and was so fun. Best part was what my body looked like after just a few classes. I was beyond excited when I saw that there were online classes. Just as fun and intense. Even better, no one is dancing into me! Best online dance workout I've done. And anyone can afford it. You will love it and have the BEST time. Promise.
Liz C, 49
Redondo Beach, CA
I was really excited when I heard Plyojam was offering online dance workouts. I had taken a class in New York City and was hooked. At first, I felt weird dancing in my apartment by myself. But now I love having the room just to be me and feeling like I'm getting a private lesson from Jason. His energy is infectious! I like how he breaks down each move and offers modifications. Every week I feel more confident trying the harder moves and adding in more plyo. You will definitely break out in a sweat, but I love how I feel after, strong and empowered. Keep the dances coming!
Pauline K, 31
Financial analyst Rego Park, NY
I absolutely love plyojam!! I have always been a fan of dance fitness classes, but often find that classes offered at gyms are a bit boring. Plyojam is definitely NOT boring. It is super challenging, but you can barely tell because Jason uses the best songs and super fun pop and hip hop moves. I always burn at least 800 calories with each class. Jason makes it feel effortless because he offers a variety of modifications. The time also flies because Jason is HILARIOUS! I feel like he's right there in the same room with me. I can't recommend these online classes enough!
Lawyer, 28
Long Island, NY