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PlyoJam is cardio dance fitness that incorporates jump training to burn more calories. 

Fun AND effective, PlyoJam creates raving fans who don’t even realize they’re burning up to 1,000 calories an hour! Having PlyoJam on your schedule will set your gym apart from other facilities that have “Zumba.” Your members will bring in their friends to experience PlyoJam for themselves! 

Additionally, PlyoJam will raise the level of professionalism and WOW factor of your existing staff. Our training, regular communication, and support of our PlyoJam instructors is what really sets us apart. 

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set your gym apart with celeb favorite PlyoJam cardio dance fitness classes

What are Gym and Studio Managers saying?

As the owner of Moore Dancing, it has been my honor to have become PlyoJam’s Premier Dance Studio. We introduced PlyoJam to our dance studio in June of 2013, and I couldn’t believe the positive response we received. PlyoJam is truly the epitome of what cardio dance strives to be. This format is physically challenging, mentally stimulating, and emotionally invigorating. Jason Layden, the creator of PlyoJam was the first one to bring these classes to Moore Dancing. The energy in his classes was contagious and the feedback we were receiving from the students was off the charts. For the last 5 years PlyoJam classes have been most popular and well attended classes at our studio. The reason I personally love this format is because the music is always fresh and stimulating, the choreography is intricate and interesting, but not too challenging, and all the instructors have so much energy and enthusiasm in every class. PlyoJam is where it’s at as far as cardio dance is concerned and I look forward to hosting these classes at Moore Dancing for the next 50 years!
Tiffany Moore, Owner, Moore Dancing
I have watched PlyoJam classes at my studio grow tremendously in the last two years.  This is a workout made for all and loved by all.  Not only are the routines challenging and intense, they are made to be easy to follow which makes it for dancers AND non-dancers to follow along. I am always impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the PlyoJam instructors that teach at my studio.  They have clearly been trained to make their classes warm and inviting, which keeps students coming back for more and more.  In the last two years I've seen classes triple and quadruple in size, some of them selling out.  This is the kind of program you want at your studio.  This is the kind of class you want on your schedule.  The one that students are racing to tell their friends about.  I absolutely love offering PlyoJam at my studio and I would recommend it to anyone looking to offer something fresh and new.
Lena Gold, Owner, RockIt Dance Studio